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We offer many services designed to drive down COT, automate operational test steps, and reduce testing cycle time. We offer calibrations, parts and repair services. For software development we offer semiconductor floors operational enhancements and Test Time Reduction (TTR) applications to improve wafers per hour.

We specialize in parametric testing and associated manufacturing operations as well as R&D test development.

Over the years, integrated circuit devices have continued to shrink in size, increase in density, and advance in performance.Because of this, manufacturing and testing these devices, while maintaining and improving yield, have become increasingly difficult. In order to improve your ROI, you must utilize existing test environments to their maximum capabilities with reducing test floor foot print.

This is what Parametric Test Solution (PTS) does best. PTS provides applications engineering support services, software solutions and controller calibration targeting improved test system utilization, tester throughput and lowering cost of test (COT).

We will address and target areas specific to manufacturing or R&D electrical test operations and will demonstrate how to best leverage old as well as new wafer level DC, HF/CV, RF test technologies at your operation.

We support all parametric testers, including obsolete systems. These include:
Agilent, HP, KeySight parametric products
  • 4062UX, 4062C 
  • 4071A, 4072A, 4072B, 4073A, 4073B,4076B, 4080, 4082A, 4082B 
  • 4142A, 4084A, 4084B, 4085A, 4085B, 41420A, 41421B, 41424A
  • PV4062, PV4070 
  • SPECS2.5, SPECS3.1, ICMS 
We can calibrate and upgrade the above items for better performances. We also offer parts and repair services. If your engineers just need a helping hand in making your company more productive, we can give them workshops and one-on-one code review. We also have resources to review and re-develop your labs or bench-top applications to bring them to top efficiency.